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Welcome to EuroMagic!
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Want to contribute to the magic? See our current staff vacancies below!

Before applying, please refer to the information below so you have the best possible chance at succeeding!

Thank you for considering a staff position with EuroMagic. For protection of your privacy, please be aware that some questions will ask personal details that we require. No personal information is let beyond the EuroMagic Recruitment Team as your information is regarded as our top priority in our hiring process. For any further enquiries, feel free to message a member of Management on Discord!

- All applicants who are applying for EuroMagic MUST be at least 14 years old

- We strongly urge you to use grammar to your best ability in your application, as grammar is a necessity for staff members. Failure to use any grammar at all may hinder your chance of being accepted.

- The more detailed your application is, the higher your chances at passing are!

- To combat alt accounts and to ensure you join the staff team with as much knowledge as possible, we require all those applying to have at least 15 hours of playtime on the server. You can check this by doing /ontime (your user), or you can ask a staff member for help.

- Although we welcome applicants from all over the world, we do require that all our staff can speak textbook English.

- We require those applying to have Discord as we use it to communicate. It will be impossible to help us out without having it!

- It would be great help if you have visited Alton Towers or Thorpe Park before! Just so you know, your knowledge may be tested in the interview process! (for some positions)

You must be registered to the website to be able to apply for any of the positions

The current positions below are currently open for applications.

Product Excellence